emotionscore offers a comprehensive range of high-quality music preparation, orchestration and production services. Our expertise and experience give you the confidence to excel.

The Benefits of Score and Part Preparation

Our expert score and part preparation allows composers to focus on their work;
makes recording sessions more efficient, saving time in the studio;
and results in better sound and performances.

Orchestration & Preparation Services

  • Score and Part Preparation

    Score and Part Preparation by emotionscore allows composers to concentrate on their work, makes recording sessions more efficient and results in better sound and performances.

  • MIDI Transcription

    emotionscore offers high-quality MIDI file transcription services. We can transcribe from any recorded source and turn the recording into a professionally notated score.

  • Audio Takedowns

    emotionscore offers a professional audio takedown service. We can take down your recording quickly and accurately, producing high-quality transcriptions.

  • Orchestration

    emotionscore offers a comprehensive range of orchestration services, from instrumental and choral arrangements to music adaptations for specific ensembles.

  • Music Proofreading

    emotionscore offers an expert music proofreading service. Whether it’s for publication, for a recording session or for a performance, you can rely on our note-perfect music proofreading.

  • Printing and Binding

    emotionscore can turn handwritten manuscripts into professionally printed and bound scores and parts. We use the latest notation software and industry-standard stock paper.

Production Services

  • Music Library

    Whether in attendance or remotely, emotionscore has the music library expertise and resources to supply parts for recordings, including the application of last-minute changes in the studio.

  • Session Time Scheduling

    emotionscore can ensure that your recording sessions are efficiently organised, from planning the session by individual track time to the use of specific instruments and musicians.

  • Orchestral Session Production

    Orchestral Session Production by emotionscore ensures that you make the most effective use of your recording session. We’ll make sure that you achieve the sound you want.


What our clients say about our work.

  • "Excellent parts – much better than the scores of most publishers.
    Clearly written and printed in the right size for everyone.
    Thanks so much."

    Michael Rieber / Librarie State Orchestra Weimar

  • "We always leave our compositions in the hands
    of the emotionscore team because we know
    the result will exceed our expectations."

    Andreas Kübler/ IMAscore

  • "Even the harshest clusters were transcribed tastefully. During the session
    I just sat comfortably in my chair, nodded every once in a while,
    drank my coffee, and enjoyed the results."

    Petri Alanko / Composer, Alan Wake video game


The emotionscore team provides high-quality music services for a variety of media, from motion pictures and video games to TV series and films, musicals and concerts.

We work with a wide range of clients, from individual composers and movie directors to film and game production companies and corporate organisations. Our portfolio includes projects for Ridley Scott movies, Disney·Pixar, Microsoft, Bose and Ubisoft.


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